Ristorante Masseria

  • sala del ristorante
  • plateatico esterno
  • volta affresco stemma gonzaga
  • Affresco Masseria Mantova 1400
  • sala della masseria

The Restaurant

La Masseria is located in the historic centre of Mantua, in one of the best preserved historical buildings in the city, the Palazzo della Masseria.

At La Masseria you can dine in the fabulous rooms with frescoes created during the first half of the 1400s, probably the work of students in the Pisanello school. The oldest and most famous fresco shows a view of Mantua as it was around 1433. The vault also displays the coat of arms of Giovan Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua and Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

La Masseria is the ideal location for cultural presentations, company dinners and private parties. With our staff you can organize buffet aperitifs, graduation or birthday parties in rooms of different sizes and characteristics.

Besides the large rooms for groups, La Masseria also has smaller rooms for romantic evenings by candlelight.

The rooms in La Masseria often host concerts, art shows and cultural events.

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