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The Swing Cooking Show

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Friday, June 24 Masseria Restaurant hosts The Swing Cooking Show, a live art project where good music and good food come together in an explosive combination!

The atmosphere is full of swing styles notes, played live by the band of Swingredienti and of aromas of the dishes cooked by the kitchen staff of the restaurant: in this special evening, the culinary traditions of the area are interwoven with the Italian musical traditions that are worldwide beloved.

The Swingredienti consist, for the exhibition in Mantua, by Claudio Zanoni, Alan Iotti, Giulio Vetrone, Emiliano Paterlini and Renzo Finardi.

Entertaining the public is the “master of ceremonies” Big Bengi ( Daniele Bengi Benati) from Ridillo who, with the complicity of the chefs, will illustrate the modern dishes and will involve public in tasting, opinions and advice on the preparation of the courses!